Plumbing Services

Cold Water Tanks
Modern cold water tanks are usually made of plastic, we offer both new installation service or a replacement service if you have an old galvanized or asbestos tank.
All new cold water storage tanks must comply with Byelaw 30 which is about protecting stored water from contamination; we make sure all our tanks and fitting have this compliance.
If you also have an immersion heater with a pre 2004 thermostat we also advise upgrading to a newer type which includes a overheat safety cut out as in some cases these old thermostats have been known to vent hot water into the cold water tank causing it to soften and eventually collapse.

Wet Rooms
Wet Rooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms usually equipped with a walk in shower. The wet room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a shower drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place of a conventional shower tray. We can supply and fit these to your exact specifications and to the highest quality.

Shower Systems
We are able to supply a wide range of shower systems to fit any budget or requirement whether it is just a replacement delivery system or a complete shower installation.

Washing Machines and Dishwashers
Whether it is just installing a new washing machine or dishwasher, or plumbing it in HeatPro Plumbers can help. You may think you can install your new machine yourself but there are things you need to consider before you begin, any one of which could cause problems if not properly addressed, so why take the risk? Call Us Now.

Taps that leak or drip are unsightly and can waste water at a surprising rate, it can be caused by the valves or seals perishing or more seriously by the tap itself deteriorating. We can repair or replace most tap systems and have a wide range of suppliers that have been handpicked to ensure high quality and cost effectiveness goes hand in hand.

Repairs – Leaks, Bursts or Drips
As well as wasting water and racking up your water bill; leaks and burst pipes can cause serious damage if not dealt with quickly and professionally. Our fully trained plumbers and electricians can quickly assess what needs to be done and carry out any repairs safely and to the highest possible standard.

Gutters, Downpipes
Not only can our fully qualified plumbers deal with all internal plumbing jobs we can also install guttering and downpipes. Our specialised knowledge allows us to design, install and fit external guttering to maximise drainage.

Blocked drains can smell and can be a pain to clean, especially if you are not sure where the blockage is. Some available drain cleaners contain caustic soda which is highly corrosive and can cause more problems when not used properly. Our expertise in this area means we can quickly find and identify the blockage and then select the correct tools to deal with it.