Heating and Boiler Services

Boiler Services

We can check your boiler to ensure its running efficiently and safely. Our qualified plumbers will keep your home warm and comfortable aswell as minimising your heating costs. Safety is always paramount when dealing with gas and regular servicing by a qualified plumber will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leaks that could be very serious if left unattended.

Boiler Upgrades

Heating costs are soaring and upgrading your boiler can lead to big savings. Modern gas boilersare designed to be cost efficient through lower energy usage protecting the environment and your bank balance at the same time.

Boiler Breakdown Repairs

Almost nothing is more inconvenient than loss of heating and hot water. At times like this its
critical to get a reliable engineer to repair your boiler quickly and cost effectively. HeatPro are ready to help.

System Upgrades

A heating system is complex and our engineers can advise you on the best installation to suit your needs.
We work with trade customers and home owners so we have knowledge of the latest systems available to enhance and heat your home.

Power Flushes

Powerflushing is an effective way to clean out your central heating system. If your central heating system is exhibiting disturbing signs like warming up too slowly, radiators heating inconsistently or
needing frequent bleeding a power flush could be the answer to the problems.Other signs that you need a power flush might be your boiler making a noise like a kettle or valves and pumps that keep breaking.

A power flush removes sludge and scale that builds up naturally within a system over time. Removing this material will increase system efficiency and reduce your heating bills as well as helping to stop the strange noises and effects caused by these residues.

Hot Water Cylinders

A good cylinder will last years but its best to replace and renew in good time to avoid the costly side effects of a leaking or ruptured cylinder.

Un-vented cylinders

Unvented cylinders are undoubtedly the best water heating solution for new build and renovations.

The major benefit of Unvented water heating cylinders is their ability to supply a consistent pressure of hot water,this is increasingly needed
as homeowners and house builders install more bathrooms with increasingly advanced multi jet showers and other luxury bathroom fittings.

In addition, more homeowners are having luxury bathroom products installed, such as multi-jet showers and jetted air baths, which require large quantities
of hot water and fast flow rates to operate effectively.

Trade and business users also find unvented boiler systems invaluable due to the high demand they experience at peak times on their water systems. Common businesses thatneed these are hotels, offices, schools, hospiitals and leisure centres.


We can install modern radiators to replace old, ugly or damaged and leaky radiators. Ask us for information about the options available.

Instant Water Heaters

An innovative feature of modern kitchens is the installation of an instant water heater to provide quick boiling water for drinks or cooking.


Gas cooker installations are a regular part of our day to day work and our gas safe installers are very experienced at connecting them up to your gas supply.