Electrical Services

Minor Electrical Installation
Our fully trained staff can complete all minor electrical installations, such as socket replacement, changing light bulbs, plug refusing and installing new light fittings.

Security and Fire Detection Systems
Security is important, both in protecting your family and your home. At Heatpro we take this seriously; we only offer the best in home security and fire detection systems. If you would like to know more about this service Contact Us Now.

Maintenance and Testing
We also offer a maintenance and testing service to make sure all your wiring is fault free and all your appliances are running properly. If we identify any issues we also offer re-wiring service and can schedule in regular maintenance checks.

Emergency Call Outs
Power gone out? Fuses Blown? Call Us straight away and we will get over to you as soon as we can!

Fuse Board Upgrades
Fuse board upgrades are required for various reasons:

1. Existing devices are obsolete or faulty

2. Existing Fuse Board is overloaded & requires more fuses for a house extension, etc.

3. New fuse boxes offer easier resetting of devices in case of a fault. Fuse wire is no longer needed & new devices cannot be fitted with the wrong size of fuse wire.

4. The installation of RCDs for protection of equipment used outdoors (eg mowers, etc)

If you think you need a upgrade or just want us to come and check - Call Us on: 01273 49 10 70